Horoscopes for the Week Ending 09/19/2015

Horoscopes for the week ending 09/19/2015
By: Melissa Bruce

Aries: This week’s T Square between Uranus, Pluto, and Mercury provides major difficulties as Mercury joins Pluto and Uranus in retrograde position on the 17th. This aspect brings back old memories of difficulties moving forward, as the mimic what is going on in your current realities. Uranus’ Trines with Venus and Mars are extremely helpful, providing you use your Ruling Planet of Mars’ energy wisely. Any kind of frustration or emotional over-reaction is definitely not in your favor this week, as Mercury’s retrograde is poised and ready to cause confusion and delays. It’s times to rise above the difficulties, and be as awesome as you can be despite what life is throwing out you! This will prove what an unstoppable force you really are!

Taurus: Prioritizing your schedule is important this week, especially when it comes to a busy week! Making sure there is time for everything you want to do can be difficult, especially with so many things that need to be done lurking over your head. When you begin to feel life overwhelming you, it’s time to get organized!!! Make a schedule and stick to it, giving ample time to focus on one thing at a time so as to avoid overwhelming yourself. But most important, schedule some time for you in there as well!!!! You’ll avoid feeling so overwhelmed you can’t do it all, and still have some awesome time to veg out at the same time! This way, you can see just how much you can get done, even if it seems as if there’s not enough time to do it!

Gemini: Spending some time on building better foundations to your relationships is important this week, providing you the opportunity to build quality relationships between yourself and those most important to you. But more importantly is your number one relationship, the relationship you have with yourself. Many don’t realize this, but a healthy and loving relationship with yourself is a very important ingredient to having the same with those around you in so many ways, as it helps to put you in a better understanding of other’s feelings. This week, take some time to get to know you, the many different wonderful personalities that make up one awesome Gemini. You might just find that the pain felt by others around you may just be very similar to pain you’ve had as well, and this helps you help them.

Cancer: It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty when it comes to making some money this week Cancers!!!! You’ve tried so many different ways, and yet somewhere in the back of your mind there is a way that works! This week it’s time to pull that idea out of the back of your mind, stop telling it that it’s never going to work, and let that idea become the manifestation you are looking for! No one ever fails at something because they’re not awesome enough to take it on, but every one fails when they allow their own insecurities to get in the way. It’s time you stepped into your light, so you’d better hop to it!

Leo: As Mars moves into Squared position with Saturn, you might feel that old feeling coming over you, that fear that things never work out no matter how hard you try to stay positive. But Venus’ aspect with Mercury helps you through difficult Mercury retrograde miscommunications, and with both planets in Trine position with Uranus those things you want to accomplish so bad are getting ready to fall into place. What makes these awesome things run smoothly is your reaction to the situation, and not so much the difficulties that life throws into the situation. Make sure you are clear on what is exactly being communicated to you, and not fall for second hand information that could be inaccurate.

Virgo: Happy Birthday to all the Virgos born this week!!! The Sun spends his last full week in your sign, and his aspect with Saturn reminds you of your responsibilities to your career dreams, and reminding you that past “failures” were nothing more than lessons to avoid doing now. This is a very helpful aspect to counter Jupiter’s Opposition with Neptune, which can create deep emotional memories of these past difficulties. But the New Moon that kicks of the week is all about you; what you’re worth, what you’re capable of, and how far you’re capable of growing into the awesome Virgo you were meant to be. Get out of your head, and get into action now!

Libra: Get prepared for Mercury’s full Libra retrograde to begin on the 17th and last until Oct. 10th. This Mercury retrograde isn’t the heaviest we’ve had this year, which is good, but you’ll find difficulties around your career in regards to communication that really need to be addressed, and fixed ASAP! While he’s in T Squared position with Uranus and Pluto, some of these miscommunications seem to threaten your security, relationships, and seem to be bringing back old difficulties that you had thought were done with. Luckily, Mercury’s aspect with Venus does bring some help by showing you what your dreams really mean to you, and asking you to make a choice this time. Is it the dream that’s important, or is it the fight? Choose wisely, because one leads to chaos while the other heads straight for awesomeness!
Scorpio: It’s official, Saturn is about to say buh-bye to your sign this week! His lessons in responsibility have been heavy, but have provided you with so many awesome tools to get you on the fast track to where you want to be. He’s not leaving easy, as he moves into T Squared position with Neptune and Jupiter, you’ll still feel the effects and old fears pop up when you feel as if you’ve got everything you need to get there, but your thoughts are battling against everything you know in your heart you can be. Remember who is in control of that brain, and turn it off! You won’t listen unless they are telling you that you rock! And that is that! Now go and shine being you!

Sagittarius: Saturn officially returns to your sign this week, and as he moves into to T Squared position with Neptune and Jupiter for a while you’ll find yourself battling those old feelings and thoughts when it comes to feeling your own power over your goals and your career. But Saturn’s aspect with the Sun this week is proof that you can and have been able to shine before, you’re awesome, and there is no one standing in the way but you! It’s time, step aside, and see the abundance flowing in, because everything you’ve ever done has lead up to this moment! Go get it!

Capricorn: As Pluto puts you in the middle of a difficult choice between career and home this week, it may be hard to resist the urge to blow like a rocket when it all becomes too much. As Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th, it may seem like so many little things are coming in to stop you from the awesome flow you like to have in your life, and it may seem like one little frustration after another. But Pluto’s aspects with Neptune and Jupiter remind you of your ability to overthink things, and also reminds you just how much that overthinking gets in the way of success in creating your dreams into reality. Let it go, and let your dreams manifest themselves, and deal with the small stuff as and when it comes.

Aquarius: The Part of Fortune brings some luck into your thoughts toward the end of this week! As such big thinkers, Aquarians can sometimes think so much that they lose their thoughts! Some of these thoughts are really good ideas, or brilliant messages from your Guides and Angels. This week it’s time to slow down that thinking process, and focus on those things that just come to you out the blue. Those things are important information and clues to help you along, and in many cases some awesome advice! Take the time to listen to your thoughts, and see what kind of amazing things you can come up with!

Pisces: Neptune’s Opposition with Jupiter becomes a T Square with Saturn by the end of this week, proof that thinking you’re never going to get where you want to go is not only getting in the way of getting there, but it’s an irresponsible use of your time. Neptune’s aspect with Pluto shows you past experiences of that, helping you to see the damage done before so you can make the choice to change the situation now. You deserve to get what you want out of life, and it’s time you believed that with all of your heart. Once you do, the only road ahead of you leads to awesomeness.

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